Lafayette Apple Festival

Had a good weekend at the festival. The weather couldn't have been better, although a little cool Saturday morning, but it warmed up quickly.
I'm going to try & concentrate on using the internet for selling. Doing shows on the weekends are starting to take their I will be listing items again on my Etsy shop.


New Wearable art necklace

Where am I?

I've been away so to speak for a while, family things occupy a large part of my time.
But....I will be at the Apple Festival in Lafayette October 9th & 10th, in Lafayette, NY, south of Syracuse.
I love the Apple Festival. I am going to try & keep my Facebook page updated with some of my designs, and also post some here. Its just making myself do it...8-)
My Son is getting married next week, so will be busy for that. I hope to make a few new items to take to the Apple Festival in the intervale.


Fine Silver hand formed & stamped necklace

Sold ...Fine Silver hand hammered & stamped link necklace.  The hand formed clasp features a sterling silver bead for back of the neck interest.  Fine Silver is hand hammered into links to form an unique and one of a kind necklace.
Benefits of Fine Silver are longer lasting shine and lighter weight.
Fine Silver has more silver in it than Sterling Silver, so it tends to not tarnish as quickly and hold its shine longer. Lighter weight means that one can wear a piece of jewelry that is larger but weights less  & therefor is more confortable to wear.

$145.00 . 18 inches long.
Please click on photos to see details


Lapidary Journal came today, yeah!

This issue of Lapidary Journal was particulary interesting. I wondered when I saw gemstones inside cabochons how they did that. Its all explained in this issue. If you don't subscribe, pick it up on the newstand, it is worth it!

Price of Sterling

I'm almost stunned to see how much the price of Sterling & gold has increased.

I wanted to buy some wire and went to my favorite silver suppliers website, and the price has doubled in just over a year.

I wonder when the inflation will stop?


Feeling like a commercial...


Today I feel like the blue rainbow in the commercial, that didn't have a "Jimmy Dean" sausage breakfast...I should be taking pictures of all the jewelry I have finished, but can't seem to get going. My planet is not in orbit today! This is a turquoise necklace I made a few years ago, before I learned silversmithing. Its features citrine along with sterling birds, turtles and beads with fish designs. Sterling Toggle clasp.


Finding time

Does anyone else have trouble finding time to spend on their craft?

I start out the day with plans to do some work, then they get pushed aside.

Of course, if I only had one hobby, that would make it easier. Or when the grandchildren come over and want you to spend time with them, how do you say no, when they come up to you and say...."I love you Nana"? jeesh


Etsy up & running

I found time to get some things up on Etsy. Getting decent pictures is hard, finally manage to take a few that looked good.


I'm back!

Its been quite a while since I've posted on this blog.

I'm hoping to make more of an effort to keep up this year.

I've started a new shop on Etsy, at

I will be putting new items there so feel free to take a look!