Sick horse...

Just when I was planning on working on jewelry all day today, found out one of my horses is sick.

Took one to a stable that has an indoor arena so we can still do lessons over the winter too 2 weeks ago.
Of course, 2 weeks is the incubation time for disease, and she is coughing and has nasal discharge.

Saturday, no vets unless emergency, but talked to her, and suggested sodium iodide and horse the iodide, but where do you get a horse expectorant!

Found suggestions on a homeopathic site, so am going to rub chest with oil of rosemary, cedar wood and ginger diluted in olive oil. Hmmm smells good. Iused to make soap so I have those already.

I'm off to rub a horse...

I need some followers, I feel like I'm talking to myself!


Have to also mention 6 mo. old grandaughter

Now that I wrote about my grandson, I have to include my little 6 month old grandaugter as well. She doesn't say much, spits a lot, but is adorable, um, even when she puts everything in her mouth!

I hope she has an interest in Jewelry as well, of course she already has pierced ears, so I can make lots of earrings for her to wear!

Grandson interested in jewelry

I think its unusual for an almost 3 year old, to comment on ones jewelry!

If I'm wearing something new, he almost always comes up to me and says, "I like that".

I'm happy he does, and even try to encourage his interest in rocks & stones, etc. Of course, he loves to "bang" on things with my tools, I try to keep that at a minimum, or give him my rawhide mallet to play with.

Maybe he'll pursue the jewelry field when he grows up!


More on Etsy

I also have on Etsy some fine silver findings, rings (pietersite) A huge moonstone cabochon sterling cuff bracelet, lots of earrings with tourmaline, lemon quartz, lampwork boro beads and lost more. Stop in & take a look! Http://

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


About my chickens

I have pared myself down to only 3 breeds of rare chickens.

Marans, a French very dark laying eggs breed.

Blue laced red Wyandottes, a variety of Wyandottes that has not been accepted into the APA yet, but many of us are working on it. They were my favorite breed until I found the Marans.

Ameraucanas, A blue egg laying breed. I have whites and am working on Blue Wheatens, but don't have any available at this time.

Zosio Designs

Welcome to my blog!

I've done quite a few things in my lifetime, and now one of my main interests is designing and making jewelry. Color is important to me as an ex oil painter, and I can get my "color" fix with all the colors gemstones provide!

Designing pendants and bracelets with cabochons takes first place right now. I also like to add gemstones to my designs. My all time favorite stone is Prudent Man plume agate. They have a "landscape" design on most of them and are just beautiful.

I'm also an earring freak! I don't feel dressed with out my earrings, so I love creating unique earrings.

For now, that is about it. As I get use to this "blog" thing, I will post more.

To see some of my designs, go to: I have a few available for purchase.

I almost forgot! I also raise rare and dark egg laying chickens and no longer breed, but have Irish draught sport horses! My website is:

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!