Sick horse...

Just when I was planning on working on jewelry all day today, found out one of my horses is sick.

Took one to a stable that has an indoor arena so we can still do lessons over the winter too 2 weeks ago.
Of course, 2 weeks is the incubation time for disease, and she is coughing and has nasal discharge.

Saturday, no vets unless emergency, but talked to her, and suggested sodium iodide and horse the iodide, but where do you get a horse expectorant!

Found suggestions on a homeopathic site, so am going to rub chest with oil of rosemary, cedar wood and ginger diluted in olive oil. Hmmm smells good. Iused to make soap so I have those already.

I'm off to rub a horse...

I need some followers, I feel like I'm talking to myself!

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  1. Update on sick horse.

    She is fine. I think we caught whatever it was early. Just with the Iodide and a few chest rubs all is well.