Grandson interested in jewelry

I think its unusual for an almost 3 year old, to comment on ones jewelry!

If I'm wearing something new, he almost always comes up to me and says, "I like that".

I'm happy he does, and even try to encourage his interest in rocks & stones, etc. Of course, he loves to "bang" on things with my tools, I try to keep that at a minimum, or give him my rawhide mallet to play with.

Maybe he'll pursue the jewelry field when he grows up!


  1. My son loves to "make jewelry" with mommy.....for Christmas he got his own tool set and work bench (toys, of course) and now he makes his own jewelry!

  2. Grandson saw my hammer on the table, where I left if after I "fixed" a rivet on my daughters jeans, and I could see his eyes light up, he started to say , can I bang.., but I beat him to the punch and said no, that is not your hammer! I let him use my rawhide mallet, it needs softening anyway, but he gets bored.