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Welcome to my blog!

I've done quite a few things in my lifetime, and now one of my main interests is designing and making jewelry. Color is important to me as an ex oil painter, and I can get my "color" fix with all the colors gemstones provide!

Designing pendants and bracelets with cabochons takes first place right now. I also like to add gemstones to my designs. My all time favorite stone is Prudent Man plume agate. They have a "landscape" design on most of them and are just beautiful.

I'm also an earring freak! I don't feel dressed with out my earrings, so I love creating unique earrings.

For now, that is about it. As I get use to this "blog" thing, I will post more.

To see some of my designs, go to: http://marquisella.etsy.com/where I have a few available for purchase.

I almost forgot! I also raise rare and dark egg laying chickens and no longer breed, but have Irish draught sport horses! My website is: http://www.sterlingcenterfarm.com/

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!


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