Working on a necklace I started for myself with a huge Pietersite cab, but fritzed around with the bezel, and couldn't make up my mind about the necklace part.
Finally last night, just went for it, got some nice carnelian color , although they are not, red "african Jade", so they say, beads, and interspersed some Carnelian beads, and chained them together with 18g sterling. First time to do that. I like it better than stringing so much.

Waiting for the bezel piece to tumble & will put together with a picture later.
I love Pietersite, I must have a cache of at least 20 cabs....I guess I'd better get started, trouble is I don't want to part with them!

Results: Finished the necklace, wore it out, and the side ring that attached to the chain fell off!

So, I'm taking the stone out of the setting, doing it over, with a top bail instead. Just the old bezel will be scrap, or maybe I can fire it down & reticulate/fuse the silver...hmmm will have to try. Getting the stone out of the bezel is the hard part.

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